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Cuvée "Symbiose" feat Woo

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A very limited edition "UFO" (Unidentified Vinic Object)" to discover

The idea of ​​”Symbiose” was born from the desire to share the delicious bouquets of aging from vintages sleeping in our cellars but with originality from Bordeaux.

Thanks to the collaborative work of our team and our oenologists, this Bordeaux “UFO (Unidentified Wine Object)” combines the elegance and finesse of mature wines (2006, 2011, 2013) with the delicacy and fruitiness of the young wines (2018, 2019). Unheard of in Bordeaux !

More than an unprecedented cuvée in Bordeaux, Symbiose is also an exclusive and unique cuvée produced at only 11,000 bottles for the v20 version (like 2020). A beautiful work where art and elegance are wonderfully combined to delight the palate of the lucky few.

In order to preserve all the qualities of our wines, we have favored 100% manual uncorking under inert gas of the vintages already in bottles (2006, 2011, 2013 or 7,700 bottles). Enough to create a new style of wine with preserved aromas.

Find out the work of Woo on  et on Instagram @woo_ghost.

Symbiose château sainte barbe

Our oenologists talk about it ...

Symbiosis reveals beautiful notes of jammy black fruits brought by the 2006 vintage. These aromas are also underlined by the freshness of the fresh fruit from the 2017/2019 vintages.

The nose reveals all the complexity of the 2011 vintage with truffle and spicy notes. A very nice sweetness also brought by the 2013 as well as a fine structure are provided by the young wines to result in a round, pleasant, silky and velvety wine with a good length.

Aging potential of 3 years for this wine which presents a deep color and a very nice balance between velvety and fruit thanks to the 2017 and 2019 vintages.

A word from the artist

"When the Château Sainte Barbe team entrusted me with creating a label for a special cuvée made from different vintages, it struck me as a certain analogy with my work as an artist. My compositions alternate between different techniques, but what binds them together is the search for a story through inspired ideograms, symbols or icons to be interpreted in the first and second degree, whose assembly, sometimes complex, leads to a reading at several levels of comprehension. Sometimes even the interpretation can be done from a single symbol. In the case of the label, I relied on the search for the complexity of the flavors of this special cuvée made from several vintages. A complex accord, with the intention of rejuvenating and making a wine accessible to all palates, with a fruity, elegant taste, breaking the codes of compulsory tasting on full-bodied dishes, while maintaining respect for traditions. Thus appear, a glass filled with splashed drops to recall the conviviality of a moment of sharing, sea waves, interpretation of the Garonne at the edge of which the property dominates, two faces, one feminine, the another masculine, to evoke the non-gendered mix of this blend of Merlots, accompanied by symbols with mysterious shapes which may nevertheless appear familiar, and which will only have the meaning you give them."
Artist - Designer

About Woo

Multidisciplinary artist at the crossroads of street art and calligraphy, Woo is based in Bordeaux (France), where he regularly exhibits his work.

The brutality of the graffiti, the softness of the art of calligraphy but also the Cyrillic alphabet or hieroglyphics … Woo plays with symbols, without always having a symbolic significance. Inspired since childhood by the graphic universe of Keith Haring – the artist exhibited for the first time outside the US walls at the CAPC in Bordeaux – or Nikki de Saint Phalle, the production of Woo is characterized by a technique mixing acrylic paint, pigment inks, Posca, gilding. His preferred media are paper or canvas. Large or small formats as you wish.

Woo advocates an instinctive art. However, some of his works address contemporary societal themes that the eye in its stroll will be able to identify by the symbol. His pseudonym evokes both his Asian roots and his experience in Hong Kong. Within the Le Comptoir group and aboard its flagship, the Bibo restaurant, where Woo drowns in the works of Banksy, Murakami, Arsham, Ron English, Jonone, Basquiat, Invader, Hirst, Kaws, Shepard Fairey, André, JR and many others. This initiatory journey reaches its peak with the Art Basel Hong Kong exhibitions, an absolute concentrate of creativity and inspiration.

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Technical informations


AOC Bordeaux




Merlot (Riparia Gloire de Montpellier)


4 500 / hectare


Double Guyot / Cordon de Royat


1/2 in temperaturedcontrolled concret vats and 1/2 in stainless steel vats.


French oak aged for 11 to 12 months.


Ready to drink

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