Wine Merlot of Sainte Barbe

our second vintage…

Merlot of Sainte Barbe

The profile of this wine is different from our Château Sainte Barbe because we seek from the driving of the vine to favor the fruit and the roundness of the merlot. For example, we will harvest plots for this wine 1 to 2 weeks to keep the expression of the fruit shine. Similarly, our 12-month French chain breeding will be much more subtle, just to bring length in the mouth and the ability to age without marking the wine. This wine goes well with delicate dishes, white meat or only before meals.

Technical Sheet


AOC Bordeaux



Grape variety

Merlot (Riparia Gloire de Montpellier)


4500 vine/hectare


Double Guyot / Cordon de Royat


1/2 concrete vats, 1/2 stainless steel vats with process of thermoregulation.


10 à 11 month under French oak


6 years

Our publications in the press

Tasting comments

Concours Général Agricole, Médaille Or, 02/2018

Beautiful color, red fruits, strawberry, slightly woody round
Comments preselections: Nice blackcurrant nose, fruity, nice volume.

Guide D.V.E, 04/2018

Ruby color of a good intensity, still in its youth with violet nuances, limpid and luminous, beautiful aspect. The nose is inviting fresh, fruity and dapper, it evokes the red and black fruits (wild strawberry, raspberry, cherry flesh, blackberry) enhanced with a floral touch (violet) on a discreetly spicy background. On the palate it is a wine of pleasure through which one finds the suppleness of the merlot. It is a wine with a greedy and crunchy attack on the red and black fruits perceived on the nose, all supported by a pleasant freshness. The evolution keeps this roundness while having some tannins that come to the end of mouth. The whole enjoys a good balance. More than on the structure this wine plays on the notion of immediate pleasure with a seductive aromatic palette. Pretty good length or we find this spicy touch. D.V.E. : Attractive fruity Bordeaux for casual meals with friends. Good value for money

Gilbert & Gaillard, 02/02/2017

Deep, young dress. Fine nose, ripe black fruits, spicy vanilla touch. A lot of suppleness on the palate with a balance of tannins and crisp fruits. The final takes a pleasant empyreumatic appearance. A merlot of nice outfit, friend of a roast meat.

Guide D.V.E, 04/2017

Deep ruby ​​color with purplish purple notes, limpid and shiny, with short legs on the walls of the glass, beautiful presentation. The very greedy nose evokes a basket of small red and black fruits with raspberry, cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant; Then come notes of licorice and gravy. Aeration confirms this first nose with some notes on the fruit creams. Beautiful mouth full, full, round and fleshy attack that restores the atmosphere of red fruits and black sunshine, enhanced by a hint of zan. At the evolution, we keep this flexibility with a melted structure and harmonious tannins. The set is of a good volume and a good balance. We are on a style with a lot of roundness, very accessible, but with a nice grain. Final in which are notes of plum, liquorice and sweet spices.
Bordeaux of good quality, all in roundness and endowed with pleasant perfumes.
Service Temperature: between 16-17 ° C.
Duration of care: in 2 to 3 years.

Guide Dussert-Gerber 2018, 2019

Taste Bordeaux Merlot 2015, silver medals in Los Angeles, Independent Winegrowers and the Concours General de Paris, beautiful dress, good tannic base, full-bodied and full-bodied, with this subtle nose dominated by ripe strawberry, a wine that combines charm and richness, fleshy, dominated by ripe wild strawberries and humus, in the final, to debouch, for example, with a fricassee of sweetbreads and veal kidneys with broccoli or grilled lamb skewers.

Vinogusto, 1/10/2017

The Merlot from Château Sainte Barbe is aptly named. The wine is round and supple, fruity and ripe. It became a classic in Bordeaux red at our tasting committee. The fruit is crisp and clean, no chewing gum or cuberdon. It will be very versatile, from the plate of charcuterie, to the buffet type Spanish hostel of the festival of the school, while passing by a delicious roe deer to the string. We do not hesitate. Pleasure at the rendezvous.
Rating: 15/20

Jean Marc QUARIN, 13/11/2017

Dark color, intense, lively and beautiful. Nose Medium aromatic, fruity, fresh and pure. Mouth tender, fruity, tasty, pleasant and without angle. Drink and before 2020.


Gilbert & Gaillard, 2018

Deep, young dress. Fine nose, ripe black fruits, spicy vanilla touch. A lot of suppleness on the palate with a balance of tannins and crisp fruits. The finish takes on a pleasant empyreumatic appearance. A merlot of nice outfit, friend of a roast meat.

Bernard Burtschy, 04/18

Flexible, light but with a beautiful material, this immediately accessible wine is very consensual with its merlot charmer attack that transcends in a final of high holding. Château Sainte Barbe is an old regular on the catwalk with his vintage Merlot, as well as his classic vintage.

Guide D.V.E, 06/2016 

Ruby color of a good intensity, well colored with a bluish disc witness of his youth, limpid and brilliant. The nose is frank, fresh and pleasant, it develops notes of ripe red and black fruits (strawberry, raspberry, cherry flesh, blackberries); also notes on licorice or a floral touch. The aeration is enriched with a touch of pepper but also with sweet spices. On the palate, it has a very seductive wine with a tender and round attack that is well scented. The evolution has a flattering texture, this wine has a beautiful fruity matter and fine tannins perfectly integrated into this flesh. The set is convincing, a good volume, with a nice grain, a greedy and juicy expression. Final with a point of firmness that will melt without difficulty.
D.V.E. : typicality and personality for this Bordeaux gourmand

Guide Dussert-Gerber 2017, 07/09/16

“On the nose dominated prune and raspberry, mouth flattering and rich at the same time, with velvety tannins.”

Gilbert & Gaillard, 2016

Garnet color, violet hues. Inviting nose of black and red fruits, licorice, toasted note, spicy touch. Stuffy
concentrated, the fruit is put forward, tight tannins. The whole is balanced. Finale tinged with a slight bitterness.
To wait a little.

Guide Hachette 2017, 05/09/2017

It looks great with this pure Merlot in its dark and intense color, the nose well opened on blackberry and blackcurrant, embellished with a note of almond. Ample and long, the mouth appears supple in attack, then round, rich and suave, always offering a lot of fruit. A real treat.
Guard: 2017-2021
Food & Wine: Lasagne

Jean Marc QUARIN, 13/11/2017

Dark color, intense and beautiful. Fluffy, fruity, tasty and well built. Final a bit rough.
Wait 2019 — 2025.


Le guide Hachette des vins, Les bons plans à moins de 5€, 2018

It looks great this pure merlot in its dark and intense, the nose well opened on the blackberry and cassis, embellished with a note of almond. Ample and long, the mouth appears supple in attack, then round, rich and suave, always offering a lot of fruit. A real treat. To consume between 2017 and 2021. Food pairing: grilled red meat
Note: ** (remarkable wine)

Le Petit Ballon, 15/10/2018

Eye: ruby, a little evolution but remains on a young connotation. Nose: fine, floral, tobacco, fruity, cassis, blackberry, blueberry. On the palate: supple, fruity, easy, mid-palate a little spicy, fine tannin, crisp, minty, licorice, violet ..
Rating: 18/20

Guide Hubert des Vins 2015/2016, 30/04/2015

Nice wine for the vintage. Nose melted, precise and pure, with an expressive fruit and a beautiful minerality, mouth quite in the same spirit, elegant and fleshy, very aromatic, with round tannins and liveliness.
Reward: 4 glasses.

Guide des vins D.V.E, 03/2015

Ruby color, in its youth, of a good intensity with violet notes, luminous and limpid, with even some tears. Nose that is engaging, with fresh and crisp notes of ripe red berries (cherry, wild strawberry and raspberry); also come flavors of black fruits (blackberry and blueberry). The aeration is enriched with spices like pepper. On the palate, we have a wine very characteristic of its grape variety with an attack at the same time soft, round and velvety which restores the pretty perfumes fond of and greedy of the nose. In evolution we keep this flexibility and pleasure of the fruit. This wine has a fine texture with tannins already felted and patinated. The set is not very complicated, but we appreciate just this simplicity and frankness with a fine tannic frame that highlights the end of the mouth. Honest length on the fruit and spices.
Rating: 87/100

Gilbert & Gaillard, 11/2015

Beautiful, sustained dress, young reflections. Nose net of black fruits and spices. In the mouth a frank attack, a beautiful quality of tannins reinforced by the contribution of wood. A frank, aromatic Bordeaux, seduced by its sharpness and persistence. Very good 2013

Les bonnes affaires du vin 2016, Gerbelle & Maurange, RVF

This pure merlot (…) is as sweet as tender with soft tannins. Not very concentrated but pleasant, it displays a beautiful burst of fruit in a vintage of low aromatic intensity …

Gilbert & Gaillard, 15/01/2015

“Dark dress. Ripe, deep nose where black fruits combine with a pleasant mineral tone. In the mouth a beautiful texture, fine tannins and ripe and persistent aromas. A wine that seduces by its melting, its flexibility and its racy expression. “
Rating: 87/100
Tasted in: 2014

Guide hachette 2016, 09/2015

“The only Merlot is at work in this burgundy with a warm nose of fruits with brandy, spices, leather and grilled, a generosity that extends a full-bodied, bold and powerful palate, built on solid tannins and a quality woody bine armed for the guard “Pinnacle suggested: 2017-2020, Suggestion of greedy agreement: stew of beef

Revue du Vin de France – 2015, 08/2014

This 2012 presents a dark dress and if the material is still a little rustic, the mouth is full with tannins present in the final. The whole is dense and generous, but if you open the bottle right now, the wine needs air before serving.
Note: New Talent 14/20

1001 Dégustations, 05/11/2014

“Nose of black fruits that flourishes on vanilla scents. The breeding is doing its work, it must be given time. The roundness and the fruit will then have their full expression. 1 star »

Guide des vins D.V.E, 09/2014

Ruby color, rather deep, well colored still in its youth, luminous and limpid, with some tears. The nose is very pleasant, fruity and greedy with fruity notes that evoke cherry flesh and also blackberry with more notes of stone fruit and a hint of floral (violet). The aeration is enriched with a note of sweet spices. On the palate it is a Bordeaux full of delicacy, the attack is ample, with a lot of roundness which allows to express the fruity and floral perfumes which had been perceived on the nose. At the evolution, one finds a matter in half-body with tannins which are still present but fine. The whole is nice with a good balance, without excess of power. The material is supported by a freshness that accompanies the wine to the finish in which we find pleasant spicy notes.

Guide Dussert-Gerber des vins 2016

The Bordeaux Merlot from Sainte Barbe 2012, with its tannins, is marked by notes of violet and cherry

Guide Hachette 2015, 05/09/2014

“On these lands of palus, the merlot reigns supreme: he works solo in this 2011 that comes close to the heart stroke. A dark, almost black dress, a sign of great concentration; a nose closed at first, which the aeration engages on black fruits; a mouth as fruity, dense and solidly built, which ends on a long, smooth finish. Power and harmony. “
To drink: 2018-2022 on red meat slowly simmered.
2 stars

Gilbert & Gaillard, 03/2014

“Beautiful bright red dress. Pleasant nose combining the fruit and spices, mineral touch recessed. On the palate soft tannins, a pleasant freshness and a ripe and persistent fruit. Nice bottle very typical. “


Decanter, 11/2013

“It’s big, ambitious wine, Antoine Touton, 100% Merlot, a lot of oak, a lot of fruit, you feel that you spent your money on a wine of character.”
Rating: 15.25 / 20 Recommended

Prix des Vinalies, 12/2013

“The visual is excellent with its beautiful garnet red color. The nose is minty and slightly fruity, with a hint of oak. In the mouth, the woody is present on silky and velvety tannins. “

Guide des vins D.V.E, 12/2013

“Dress still ruby of medium intensity, luminous and limpid, with pretty tears on the glass, presentation flattering. The nose is pleasant with notes of ripe red fruits reminiscent of wild strawberry, raspberry and cherry burlat, followed by notes of plum but also a touch that evokes the blackcurrant leaf. The aeration is enriched with a touch of sweet spices in the background. Mouth very pleasant unpretentious but good quality, the attack is round tender and fleshy expressing the fresh red fruits; evolution, we have a fine material embellished with felted tannins. The whole has a good balance and can be appreciated in its youth, on its fruit. We appreciate its fruity finish enhanced by a touch of spice.
D.V.E. Bordeaux perfumed with roundness and good value for money.
Rating: 88/100 »

1001 Dégustations, 03/03/2014

“Tender end to end, rich nose with a hint of caramel and hazelnut. Flexibility even if the tannins are present, a balanced Bordeaux. “

Le Grand Classement des Vins de Bordeaux, Rémy Poussart, Mars 2016

Garnet ruby color, limpid and brilliant. Expressive nose of red fruits with vegetal notes. Mouth with a soft and round attack with a nice sweetness. Matter on strawberries and blackberries.
Length combining spices and sweetness.
Rating: 15/20

Vinogusto , 12/11/2014

“On the nose, the wine is seductive: fruit, spices, undergrowth and notes of mocha. The wine is pleasantly evolved, which gives it a lot of complexity. Everything is well melted and elegant. Drink today. “
Rating: 15.5 / 20

Flavours From France , 02/07/2012

“Ruby color, limpid and brilliant, with the youthful purple accents. The nose is delicate and engaging, characterized by the sharpness of its fruity aromas, blackcurrant, blackberry, and a peppery touch. The attack on the palate is velvety, full and round; the evolution reveals a dense matter, tannins present but fine and of good quality; the whole is balanced, a lingering finish on the fruits with a roasted nuance. FFF Opinion: young, with a certain potential. “
Rating: 87/100

Gerbelle & Maurange – Sélection des vins à moins de 20€ de la RVF 2013, 02/10/2013

“Mer Mer des Paluds d’Ambès gives a soft, expressive and gourmet wine. A beautiful balanced and seductive material marks the final. Pretty full and sweet style already very fulfilled in this mature vintage. “

Gerbelle & Maurange – Sélection des vins à moins de 20€ de la RVF 2013, 02/10/2013

“Mer Mer des Paluds d’Ambès gives a soft, expressive and gourmet wine. A beautiful balanced and seductive material marks the final. Pretty full and sweet style already very fulfilled in this mature vintage. “

Guide Hachette 2012, 17/07/2013

“… Merlot cuvée well mastered, evoking overripe reasons, prune and chocolate. The palate shows roundness and a smooth tannic structure … “
Rating: 1 Star

Le Guide Hubert des Vins 2011, 11/06/2011

Obtaining 5 glasses in “THE GUIDE HUBERT OF WINES” – Edition 2011. That is the highest appreciation: “Superb elegant nose of ripe black fruits …”

Vino Magazine – 05/10/2011

The Merlot Sainte Barbe 2009 in a dark dress. Immediate nose, with notes of jammy black fruits, prune meat and dark chocolate. Round attack, supple and friendly and greedy mouth enjoying a delicate tannic structure.

Terre de Vin 16/03/2012 – La sélection Bettane + Desseauve

The Merlot Sainte Barbe is charming, flattering, developing a very ripe fruit, nice spicy and woody notes, a frank mouth, tender, fruity and balanced by a fresh finish.

Le Grand Classement des Vins de Bordeaux – Millésimes 2007, 09/01/2015

“Garnet ruby color, not very clear. Nose opening on an animal point with a beautiful presence of red fruits and blackcurrant buds. Spicy and peppery layer with redcurrant berries, cherry and tar notes on the finish. Miss a little elegance in the final. Tasted during the first quarter of 2011. “
3rd of Bordeaux rated
To taste: 2010-2013
Rating: 14.5 / 20

Gilbert & Gaillard, 24/06/2011

“Garnet robe, slightly tilted. Attractive nose, floral, stone fruit. Soft, smooth and melted attack. Concentration, freshness, ripe tannins are at the rendezvous. Everything is in place for a pleasure tasting. “

Guide Hachette 2008, 03/02/2008

CHATEAU MERLOT SAINTE BARBE 2005 received a star (successful wine). «Made exclusively from merlot grapes and aged in vats. He is ready to drink.

Guide Hachette 2007, 12/06/2013

In the 2007 Hachette Guide, our Merlot Château Sainte Barbe 2004 was awarded two stars with the following comment: Merlot Merlot only planted on clay soil, it is a remarkable Bordeaux, rich in flowers, red fruits, vanilla and leather aromas. Round with silky tannins with a long finish on hints of clove and vanilla. Power and harmony combined.